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Woven Geotextile is a planar textile structure produced by interlacing two or more sets of elements such as yarns, fibers, rovings, or, filaments where the elements pass each other to form a stable structure.

The main property of woven Geotextile is its strength and due to this property, woven Geotextile is grouped into:
•  High Strength Woven Geotextile
•  Low Strength Woven Geotextile








Geo-Reinfox* is a woven Geotextile made of thermoplastic polymers which is specifically processed to give it a high tensile strength. The addition of UV stabilizers gives Geo-Reinfox* the resistance it needs during construction period. Geo-Reinfox* has been used for decades in Indonesia in applications such as road constructions, slope and wall reinforcements, basal reinforcements, railways, etc.

Mirafi® HPa

Mirafi® HPa geotextiles provide all the relevant functions for roads and other load support platforms constructed on soft subgrades. Mirafi® HPa boasts mobilization of tensile resistance for reinforcement benefits at low working strains of 2%, high water flow for rapid dissipation of excess pore pressures, and superior interaction coefficient to provide confinement to the lateral spreading of aggregate at the interface of the geotextile and the structural aggregate layer.

Speravi® / Mirafi® PET

Spravi® / Mirafi® PET Geotextiles are manufactured using high tenacity polyester filaments for high tensile strength at low working extensions with minimal creep over the entire design life up to 120 years. The primary function is reinforcement with separation as a secondary function in many instances. The tensile strength range from 100 kN/m to 1,600 kN/m.

Mirafi® FW

Mirafi® FW Geotextile is a woven monofilament type, made from polypropylene, manufactured using highly specialized fiber technology and processes to produce unique mechanical and hydraulic properties not possible with standard Geotextiles. Mirafi® FW Geotextiles, with a simple and open structure, offers high permeability with no complex pore space to trap particles within.

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