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In many projects we find poor soils, for example slopes have to be built with unstable fill material or slopes with very steep angle. Conventional design in slope construction demands either flat slopes that waste valuable land space, or expensive retaining wall or good quality materials.

Multiple layers of geotextile/geogrid placed in a slope during construction or reconstruction will reinforce the soil and provide increased slope stability and makes it possible to construct even vertical walls many metres high.

The principle of geotextile as reinforcement material is relied on the tensile strength of geotextile to cut the sliding failure line of slope.


Suitable Products:

  • Geo Reinfox*

  • Speravi®

  • Mirafi® PET

  • Miragrid® GX

  • Polyfelt® PEC


The advantages of slope construction with geotextile reinforcement are:

  • Slope can be made as steep as possible

  • Fast installation

  • Flexible

  • Low cost

  • Fill material can use local material if its property fulfill the design property

  • Variety facing can be applied

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