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Erosion and Shore Protection Materials are used to control the erosion (simultaneous removal of particles of soil) by running water, waves, currents, moving ice or wind.






Concrete Mattress

Concrete Mattress is a Geotextile formwork product that allows cement grout or fine aggregate concrete to be pumped in. Two layers of high strength woven Geotextiles are internally connected at regular filter points and bindings which subsequently allows the internal space to be filled.

Sand-Filled Mattress

Sand-Filled Mattress is comprised of two layers of Geotextiles sewn together to form a three-dimensional mattress when pumped with sand. The upper layer of the mattress is a heavy woven polypropylene fabric needle-punched with a mixture of UV stabilized colored fibers and cut tape yarns. The bottom layer is a polypropylene woven fabric and is also UV stabilized.


Grondcell is manufactured from UV stabilized, inert polypropylene sheets, ultrasonic welded to form a tough expandable cellular structure. Groncell is designed to contain soil or gravel in-fill in a free draining system that prevents mass movement of the in-fill material. Grondcell is suitable for containing top soil on steep slopes and enhancing vegetation growth.


Grondmat is an erosion control mat that are three dimensional high density polyethylene (HDPE) fibers structured to reinforce and restrain soil and humus on steep slope. Grondmat protects slopes against surface erosion. Especially in the root growing phase, Grondmat offers adequate support to the humus until the root mass has been established.


Environet is made of uniform plain weave of unbleached jute yarn for erosion protection. This simple erosion product works very well when applied to the right site condition. It is biodegradable making it the most environmental friendly material.



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