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The successful construction of road structures over saturated soft soils begins with the stabilization of the underlying soft subgrade. Conventional methods of stabilizing soft saturated subgrade requires placement of additional sacrificial aggregate to compensate for the loss of good aggregate into the poor subgrade during construction.

One of solution to this problem is the use of a suitable Geotextile placed at the interface between the soft subgrade and the sub-base aggregate. Correctly designed, Geotextiles provide the most cost effective means of stabilizing initial layers of fill placed over soft subgrades.


Suitable Products:

  • GeoReinfox*

  • Mirafi® PET

  • Mirafi® HP and PP

  • Miragrid® GX

  • Polyfelt® TS

  • Polyfelt® PEC


  • Prevents contamination of sub-base and base aggregates by the soft subgrade and subsequently allows effective distribution of traffic load through fill layers.

  • Eliminates loss of fill aggregate into the soft subgrade and hence reduces additional 'aggregate sacrifical layer' requirement and cost.

  • Reduces the depth of excavation required to remove unsuitable subgrade and minimize site preparation work.

  • Increases the resistance of aggregate fill against local failure directly beneath the loaded area by reinforcing the soil fill.

  • Reduce uneven settlement and deformation of the finished structure.

  • Effective load transfers.

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